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Sell your EU wow gold to us now.

We have massive demand on most servers .You can sell up to 1000K on certain servers everyday.

Our price is always competitive.We strive to offer the most reasonable price based on the real time demand and supply.

Smooth ,easy and fast transaction : You are dealing with our professional customer operators who know what they are doing.

Delivery will be conducted in-game via :
1)  Face to face trade
2)  Guild bank deposit or withdraw
3)  Auction House

We trade face to face generally but please do check with our live support for details.


Be aware that there are scammers pretending to affiliate with us using similar contact information or character name to trade with you. Please do not trust anyone but the contact ways listed on our site and do not trade anyone in-game before we give you the right character name.Thank you


Price listed bellow is just an approximate range per gold which doesn't mean much , for a real-time price check please contact us through live chat.

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