Things you should know when making a video

Why video ?


Sometimes,we need our sellers to trade/mail the gold directly to our buyers,in which case seller is required to take screenshots off the trading/mailing process as proof of delivery.But for certain games ,such as Guild Wars 2,AcheAge ,screenshot is not enough to verify the transaction.Thus,we will need our sellers to record video of the whole trading process.


All transactions with screenshot/video submitted will be handled with priority and completed immediately. Should there be no screenshot/video submitted , your order will be automatically put on hold for up to 7 days until buyers is reached to confirm your delivery.


We recommend Bandicam - the free screen recorder to you if you don't know one .

Head to to download the software


Important Notes : 

1) Please Show full-screen of the game window instead of just the mailing or trading window . The menu bar on top of the game window must be included (to show you are in the right game and right server if it's there ) .

2) Please do not record other regions except the game window.

For example : Do not show the chat window with us on the video .You may save the character names and amount to your files first for you to copy and paste;

3) Keep your inventory open to show how much gold you got;

4) Please do not write anything on the mail while composing,or any messages while trading.

5) Show clearly the name and amount of gold you are trading/mailing ;

6) Keep the system message board open to show you actually sent/traded the gold ;

7) Please try to make the recording simple and fast so the video won't be too big to send.You can prepare in-game first before you start recording ;

8) Please make a video for each transaction/character ,e.g there will be 3 vidoes if you trade/mail to 3 characters;

Should there be any videos don't match these requirements, we reserve the right to hold your payment and wait until confirmation of gold received by our buyer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperations.